Tough boats ... built in Africa ... for Africa

Our aluminium boats have evolved over 25 years from our base in Northern Botswana. Initially servicing the tourist industry, we now manufacture boats for global NGO’s, governments, anti-poaching operations, sport fishing, tourism and leisure industries across Africa as far north as Morocco and Ethiopia.

Our aim 25 years ago was simple: To construct a basic and practical workboat to carry big loads through shallow waters over long distances.  The aesthetics of the boats in the early days was a secondary consideration. Today, the finish and styling is as important to us as all the other design parameters.

Whether fishing in one of our top-of-the-line Conquest boats, having family fun in one of our Excursion or Escape boats or quietly game viewing in an Outback or Frontier, we are committed to finding a solution for you so that you too ... CAN ENJOY LIFE ON THE WATER

Custom Build and Bespoke Division

We have an extensive custom build and bespoke division, and we have the ability to build any hull to your specification, as long as it has been designed by an approved draftsman.

Every customer's boat use and application is different - and we strive to supply the perfect hull for the job it is going to do. We believe that this policy gives us happy customers with value for money boats that last forever.

We are boating people, we enjoy our boats, crafting them, building them and using them!

What makes our hulls special and why aluminium?

Our aluminium hulls are all built from Marine grade aluminium alloy (2mm to 20mm thick depending on the use of the hull) to give a lightweight, durable boat with a very high load capacity and lower horsepower and fuel consumption.

Aluminium increases the usable space in the boat compared to other materials. A well-designed aluminium hull has almost double the useful space of  a fibreglass boat.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminium tends to dent and deform on impact, therefore retaining watertight integrity as opposed to shattering and breaking as with other materials. Sharp objects (hippo teeth, rocks, etc.) can puncture aluminium but this is normally easy to repair in the field with silicone, pop rivets and a plate of galvanized iron or similar.

Extremely Durable

A big consideration is the durability of the hulls - which have an almost indefinite life span. Our marine grade aluminium will not corrode (even in salt water) or degrade in extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight like fibreglass or the various materials rubber ducks are made from.

Excellent Value for Money

Our indisputable better value claim includes a longer life, more usable space, lower fuel consumption per load, higher resale value, better warranty and the best layout options - by far!!