Outback Series

The Outback Range of boats is based on a popular Alaskan designed boat that is used on inland waters. It is constructed out of 3mm or 4.5mm plate. If used in rocky waters we recommend 6 mm plate and a jet configuration.

You lay it out, we will build it! Don't be put off by her flat nose, she is good value; a solid working boat that can be configured as a roomy, stable, fun boat for fishing, hard work and big loads.

The Outback comes in three sizes.


Outback 620 CC

Series: Outback Series
6.2 metres
Width: 2.3 metres
Ideal motor size: 90hp - 130hp
Availability: Ex-stock

Outback 550

Series: Outback Series
5.5 metres
Width: 2.2 metres
Ideal motor size: 60hp - 90hp
Availability: Backorder

Outback 750

Series: Outback Series
7.5 metres
Width: 2.6 metres
Ideal motor size: 115hp - 200hp
Availability: Backorder

Outback Custom Build

Series: Custom & Bespoke
Availability: Backorder

We have an extensive custom build and bespoke division, and we have the ability to build any hull to your specification.